Uncertain which specialist master's is right for you? Explore five different types during Master's Week [Webinar Series]

Choosing a specialist master’s programme means that you’ll graduate with a tangible set of skills that employers value and that you can apply from day one. But which one should you choose?

There are many different business master’s programmes out there but we’ve chosen to focus on five different types as part of our webinar series – Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Management, and Marketing.  We want to help you understand what you’ll learn, the types of jobs you’ll be qualified for, and how these programs can help your career.

Five days; five different types of master's degree; one webinar per day:

  • Accounting - Monday, 8 April
  • Business Analytics – Tuesday, 9 April
  • Finance – Wednesday, 10 April
  • Management – Thursday, 11 April
  • Marketing – Friday, 12 April

Where: GoToWebinar online platform

When: Daily, form Monday, 8 April to Friday, 12 April

Duration: 45 minutes (25-minute presentation + 20-minute Q&A)

Webinars take place twice so pick the time that works best for you: