5 Reasons to Choose GMAT Focus over GRE

Boosts Your Application. GMAT Focus is the only admissions test designed exclusively for today’s graduate business programs, while the GRE is a general test.

More Program Options. More than 7,700 programs at over 2,400 business schools accept GMAT Focus, whereas the GRE is only accepted by 1,300.

More Time Per Question. On GMAT Focus, you have more than 2 minutes to answer each question. That's 25% more time per question than the GRE on average.

Better Score Sending. Be in control of your score and select which schools receive your results after you take the GMAT Focus Edition. On the GRE, you must select your schools before you even know how you did.

Shows Your Skills. Data analytics is an in-demand skill for employers. The new Data Insights section shows schools you have what it takes to succeed in the classroom and your career. GRE does not assess your data literacy.

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The GMAT Focus Advantage

With the exam’s structure and content, you can demonstrate your business school readiness with the relevant skills that schools focus on, like data literacy.

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Rodrigo Malta
Managing Director at McCombs School of Business, University of Texas

The redesign makes the exam more focused, more accessible and less daunting. But more focused doesn’t mean easier or less valuable. It just means smarter.

Bruce DelMonico
Assistant Dean for Admissions at Yale School of Management

In terms of the relevance and usefulness of the test, this is definitely a positive step that will be beneficial both to business schools and to candidates.

Arnold Longboy
Arnold Longboy
Executive Director, Recruitment & Admissions at London Business School

Changes to the exam address the growing importance of certain competencies and the future of work – for example with the addition of Data Insights.

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