Start Your Journey with the GMAT Exam

Why take the GMAT exam?

The GMAT exam was created by business schools for business schools - by taking the GMAT exam you show that you are determined to succeed on their programme.

Stand out with a good GMAT score

There are several reasons to take the GMAT exam:

  • The vast majority of top ranked MBA programmes accept or require the GMAT exam as admission test
  • A good GMAT score is often part of the qualification criteria for scholarships and bursaries
  • It measures real-world, data-driven, analytical skills, and is developed and updated with input from the world's leading business schools
  • Valid for five years - so don't worry if you want to take a gap year or gain more work experience before applying for your MBA

The GMAT is the one business school exam that provides an edge – it’s the most widely used by business schools to admit candidates and the most universally recognized demonstration of readiness for business school.

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